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Zaloe Sculpture
Sale price$138.00
Two-Tone Crystal Candle Holder
Sale priceFrom $66.00
Ring Oval Tray
Sale price$76.00
Hyaline Green Oval Tray
Sale price$86.00
White Mist Oval Planter
Sale priceFrom $62.00
Alabaster Votive
Sale price$78.00
Decorative Object Orobie
Sale price$152.00
Woody Decorative Bowl
Sale price$65.00
Candle Holder Chou, Set Of 2
Sale price$132.00
Glass Bulb Candle Holder
Sale price$55.00
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Metal Clock With Duck Feet Metal Clock With Duck Feet
Metal Clock With Duck Feet
Sale price$42.00
Hand-Woven Magazine Holder
Sale price$96.00
Stoneware Pleated Planter
Sale price$64.00
Tioga Oval Dish
Sale price$142.00
Office Magazine Basket
Sale price$136.00
Grey Marble Chain
Sale price$115.00
Cream Marble Chain Sculpture
Sale price$115.00
Aluminum Knot
Sale price$115.00
Gray Marble Oval Tray
Sale price$45.00
ABC Pouf
Sale price$170.00
Marble 3 Links Chain
Sale price$49.00
Decorative Object Aosta
Sale price$248.00
Prescott Suede Magazine Rack
Sale price$180.00
Sale price$73.00
Xiomara Sculptures, Set of 3
Sale price$398.00
Stair Cube Bookends
Sale price$120.00

2 colors available

MIramar Wood Sqaure Tray
Sale price$68.00
Black Marble Tray
Sale price$58.00
Batten Tray
Sale price$330.00
Batten Bowl
Sale price$330.00
Architectural Digest At 100
Sale price$125.00
New York Chic
Sale price$126.00
James Bond Destinations
Sale price$144.00
A Bookstand
Sale price$126.00